Welcome to Agri-Tech Turf Maintenance

Agri-Tech Turf Maintenance, Inc. is an owner-operated firm servicing lawns for over 4 decades. We are much smaller than the larger franchised corporations that most of us are accustomed to. You will notice our difference immediately. Our corporation is based on the philosophy of a “Commitment to Excellence.”

At Agri-Tech, we predicate ourselves in treating our customers with the respect they deserve by prompt return of phone calls with attention to every detail. We offer a variety of payment options - pay as you go, auto charge or seasonal prepayment with discount. Agri-Tech has a program that is right for your specific needs, whether it is organic based or our ultimate statement of Supreme Care. At Agri-Tech, a New Jersey based corporation, all we do is lawn care. Therefore, we have to be better, and we are!

The following methods of payment are accepted